Virago Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

working Capital when you need it most
customised finance options to suit every business
Sophisticated risk management
making cash flow easier
simplicity at its best

Our vision

At Virago Consulting we assist with working capital when you need it most.

We provide multiple finance options for all business types, sizes and turnover.

We identify risks before they incur, giving you the competitive edge in decision making and cash flow management.

Keeping it Simple.

Making cash flow easier.

Helping businesses reach their full potential.

What We Do

Virago Consulting is an Eastern Cape based consultancy firm that has partnered with some of the biggest names in the Finance and Business  across the country.

We offer a wide range of financial and business services including:

Company Data and Risk Management

Working Cash Flow Solutions

Venture Capital Assistance

Bridging Finance

International Currency Expertise

Specialised Insurance

Human Resource Development and Consulting

Taxation Services

Simplified, Prepared, Professional…

At Virago Consulting we assist Business owners with increasing profits, eliminating wasted costs, simplifying business transactions and reducing financial risk. We provide financial assistance for all business types and customise your capital requirements to drive your business forward. We are on a mission to ensure all businesses are geared with the right tools in order to drive their businesses forward. We want to empower all business owners and management by giving them the necessary skills and information to succeed with creating and maintaining a healthy cash flow, productive work ethic, and working capital on hand when they need it the most. Unleash your businesses full potential and contact us now.
Hayley Rickard
Founder and CEO

Hayley Rickard

Founder and CEO

Having an ambitious personality I always had a feeling that I was meant to be doing something bigger, something greater, something that made a real difference in business.  I wanted to step outside the lines and combine a consultancy firm that consolidates the financial, business skills and experience I have gained over the years and I wanted to bring some of the biggest names in business and have them under a one platform.

I am a financial enthusiast and I have a passion for seeing companys succeed by increasing efficiency and growth.

Finance and Business Honors – Greenwich University
Advanced Diploma Business Finance and Accounting, University of Cambridge
Diploma in Business and Entrepreneurship, University of Cambridge
Diploma in Project Management
BBBEE Champion & Masters

Simplified, Prepared, Professional…


Andries van Schalkwyk


For over 14 years I have been involved in the professional sporting world, and the uncompromizing sacrifice that professional sport demands has equipped me with invaluable tools adapt and deliver results for your business.

Its my pleasure to serve you , our clients and our business.

It takes a special kind of courage to go out week after week and put yourself on the line. This commitment has gone a long way in helping me serve our clients.

  • Portfolio Management
  • Commercial Insurance Control
  • Client Relations
  • Contracts



You will never do anything worthwhile in this world without courage, its the greatest quality of the mind.

Jani Britz

Human capital specialist

We are business driven and people focused.  Providing your company with advice, support and solutions needed in order to achieve a competitive advantage through your people.

BA Psychology degree
BA HONS Psychology degree
MCOM Industrial and Organisational Psychology degree
Post Graduate Certificate in Education (FET)






Realising Excellence through Human Capital

  • Cell: 076 497 6956